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Chelsea is a compassionate and caring professional. She really tries to understand where her client is coming from and how to help them improve on their goals. She has excellent communication skills. I saw major improvements in my goal setting skills and focus on my personal and professional life. I can not recommend Chelsea enough. She is worth the investment because you are investing in you becoming a better and more productive person. 

-Mildred M., Adult Fitness Participant 

When I chose to get help with Chelsea I didn't know what to expect or how this process worked or if it would help me. I'm so glad that I pulled the trigger and started talking with her. There were many things that came to light out of this that have help my grow towards my goals and meet my goals. Chelsea is genuinely a great coach she knows what she's doing and talking about, she is a hard working caring beautiful human. I highly recommend her.  

Mental skill that has been most helpful for me has been:

"I wish I could check multiple because it's not just one thing its been many. Habits & routines, focus, motivation and self-talk."

-Chelsee M., Fitness Participant

My favorite mental skill that has helped has been after every point, look at my shoelaces and breath. I think mental skills training is very good and she [Chelsea] is very encouraging.

-Youth Tennis Athlete

I found this to be a very useful experience because it taught me to always look for multiple ways to complete a challenge especially when working as a team. 

-Army ROTC Cadet

Overall, I had a lot of good talks with Coach Burks and our individual meetings were actually really helpful. She made me analyze my situation and then aided me with coming up with solutions. She never just gave me the answer but aided me in finding it.

-Army ROTC Cadet


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